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As part of this fascinating endeavor, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the CERN IT Department and the three renowned LHC experiments: ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb. CORAL and COOL are two crucial projects addressing the data access requirements of these LHC experiments, and I contributed significantly to their success.

CORAL stands for "COndition RDB Access Library" - an abstraction layer with an SQL-free API to access data stored using relational database technologies. It is utilized by experiment-specific applications and internally by COOL (COnditions Object Oriented Library). COOL, on the other hand, provides specific software components and tools for handling the time variation and versioning of experiment conditions data. Initially, both projects were used by ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb, but currently, CORAL is exclusively utilized by ATLAS.

The main technologies were C++ and Python.

  • C++
  • python
  • linux